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Greenshot is a free screenshot software that provides a quick and easy way to take screenshots on your PC. Application is a lightweight software that can be used to take screenshots on Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Is a cross-platform screen app that supports many features like the mult-selection feature, ability to upload screenshots to dropbox. More and more people are doing work on their laptops, smartphones or tablets. For some, this means an increased need for data portability. Product Greenshot download free is a free, screen application for Windows that allows users to take screenshots and then either save them locally or upload them to a variety of online services. It provides a simple, easy to use interface that will allow users to take screenshots and then quickly share. Software download Greenshot is an open-source screen application for Windows. It can capture screenshots of a window, a section of screen, whole screen, or entire desktop.Has some editing features, like annotating or highlighting parts of pic, adding text or shapes, and blur sensitive information. 


Interface of Greenshot install is very straightforward and easy to navigate. Screen features are listed on top left of window. You can find picture taking buttons on the top left of the window. Interface is simple and intuitive and allows for easy and quick screenshot taking. It allows for quick and easy editing of screenshots and for uploading to variety of online services. It is a simple and easy to use application that will allow the user to take and edit screenshots and then share them on a variety of online services.


Software is very easy to use and is very straightforward with its interface. It is easy to navigate through software and is easy to figure out. Software Greenshot Mac is very easy to use. To make a screenshot, you just press "print photo" button on your keyboard , then open soft. You can make a pic by pressing "Print Screen" button on your keyboard and then choosing "Edit->Screenshot" in Greenshot.

To edit a screen, go to Toolbox tab and then click on the tool that you want. For example, if you want to put a text on your screen, click on Text tool. You can perform other editing operations, for example, crop picture or blur background. To save pictures, go to Window tab and then click on the save button.


Provides many features to take screenshots, like the mult-selection feature, annotation features, ability to upload screenshots to dropbox. Application get Greenshot has all of the basic features for taking screenshots, some extras. The screen can be taken of the whole photo, one window, part of the screen, or entire scrolling window. Last two features are especially useful for taking screens of webpages that are constantly changing, like Facebook. There is ability to take screens of specific regions. Image can be saved in various formats, like JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. There are many different types of annotations that can be added to image.


Software Greenshot app offers a lot of support. Interface is easy to use and there are a lot of support options. Product has a really good support team that is always willing to help. Application website for install Greenshot is extremely helpful. There are tutorials, FAQs section on main page. Tutorials are written in easy-to-understand language, with pictures that are helpful. Tutorials are linked to FAQs, so that if the question is not answered in tutorials, it can be searched in the FAQs. It is possible to contact Greenshot free download through social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.


  • Why doesn't screen capture the whole screen?
    By default, application captures entire region of interest. To get entire region of screen, pinch the screen with two fingers and then zoom out.
  • What is Greenshot?
    Is a free, open-source screen application for Microsoft Windows.
  • Who created app?
    Was created by a group of developers from Sweden, who go by name of GIMP.
  • What are requirements for using Greenshot?
    Requirements for using soft are Windows XP or later.


Product Greenshot installer is a great image capturing application. It is easy to use and has a lot of features. Interface is clear and concise and there are a lot of options for different screen captures. It is a very good option for people who need a good image capturing application.

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